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Endorsements and guarantees

1.Who can benefit from the SBD?

To access Development Bank loans and guarantees, you will need to apply with a financial operator who will analyze and rate your application based on your business activity. For the trade, services, industry, or technology sectors, you will use the form stipulated by the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Commerce (MEIC). according to Law No. 8262  If you are part of the agriculture sector, you will need to comply with the provisions of Regulations to Law No. 9274.

The sectors are detailed as follows:

  • Microenterprises
  • SMEs
  • Micro-, small-, and medium-scale farmers
  • Business associative models
  • Microfinance beneficiaries
  • Entrepreneurs

¿Who can be an SBD beneficiary?



Micro-, small-, and medium-scale farmers

Business associative models

Microfinance beneficiaries


If you are interested in securing a loan from these funds, go to a financial operator authorized by the Board of Directors (this may be a public or private bank, cooperative or other entity) to request information on your chosen operator’s requirements and the procedure to follow to access the loans.

2. What is the process of obtaining financing?

The process MSMEs will need to follow to obtain financing is the following:

First, go to a financial operator close to your geographic location with a program that covers your productive project.

The financial operator will determine whether your project is viable. If yes, then it will process your loan request.

If you need training or advice, the Development Bank System works with collaborators and institutions that offer nonfinancial services, such as the National Learning Institute (INA).

3. What is a guarantee?

Loan guarantees ensure access to financing. If you do not have a guarantee, the SBD can provide one for you. Its purpose is to partially ensure viable projects that lack sufficient guarantee to secure the financing granted by the financial operator.

4. How can I obtain a loan from Development Bank resources without a guarantee?

After evaluating your productive project, your chosen financial operator’s loan executive may recommend that your project be guaranteed through FONADE.

Loan operations at all SBD financial entities can be guaranteed, provided that the beneficiaries would not be subject to financing due to the lack of a guarantee. In this case, a guarantee can be granted under the conditions and proportions that favor the adequate development of your activities and these operations.

5. Steps for granting guarantees


The SME must submit a loan application for a viable project to the financial operator.


The SME must be classified as a micro- or small-sized enterprise or be authorized as a medium-sized enterprise


The SME must comply with all the financial operator’s requirements as per its policies


The SME must show that it does not have additional guarantees under the financial operator’s policies.


After an analysis, if the financial operator determines that it will grant a loan, but the SME lacks a sufficient guarantee, with the loan document, the financial operator will request a guarantee from FONADE (SBD).


FONADE (SBD) will review the documents and, if they are in order, will grant the guarantee and return it to the financial operator for formalization.



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